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Meet Tammy

Tammy S. Drost, an esteemed Business Coach and celebrated business and brand strategist, boasts over two decades of experience in Business Operations, Brand Strategy, Marketing, Communications, and Creative Direction. In 2022, Entrepreneurs Herald recognized her as a Top 10 Business Coach, and in 2023, Tammy received the honor of being named a Top Business Coach by the

She is the Founder & CEO of The Business360 Method.®

Tammy is passionate about equipping female entrepreneurs with the knowledge, strategies, tools, resources, and support to build a strategic and integrated business foundation that allows them to get down to business and back to living.

The Business360 Method® offers business and brand strategy alignment, integrated marketing and communications, 1:1 coaching, a private Facebook Community, a done-with-you business plan, strategic planning, and eight-week business, brand, marketing, and communications programs with group coaching.

No one is going to do it for you. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Building an efficient, sustainable, and profitable business while balancing your personal life is always challenging. The key is to work smarter.

When you build and lead your business from a strategic foundation, you naturally create time to live your best life.

Tammy is also a frequent speaker on business, brand, marketing, leadership, and self-confidence topics.
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Success stories

  • It is with immense gratitude that we would like to thank Tammy S Drost for her exceptional talk at the Women Thrive Summit 2023. Tammy's expertise and passion illuminated the room, empowering our attendees with invaluable insights into strategic business planning. Her ability to simplify complex concepts and provide practical guidance resonated deeply with our audience, leaving them inspired and equipped to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with confidence. Tammy's session was not just informative; it was transformative, sparking a renewed sense of purpose and determination among our participants. Tammy also shared more of her personal and deeply touching story which was inspiring and resonated with our audience. We are grateful to have had Tammy share her wisdom, and her impact on our event will undoubtedly be felt long after the summit. Thank you, Tammy, for being a voice of inspiration for women who wish to thrive in business and life.

    Raimonda Jankunaite Visibility Expert, Speaker, Author, Business and Marketing Consultant
  • As the head of creative for many brands, I have worked with dozens of marketing and creative professionals. Tammy is by far one of the most creative, innovative, and dedicated business leaders that I have had the pleasure to work with. Tammy possesses great skill, vision, creativity, and passion. She is also a great coach and mentor to her teams and shares her experience freely. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tammy for over five years. She is always on my shortlist to call when I need eyes on current projects. She is generous with her knowledge and values supporting women in our industry. I have increased my skills, confidence, and strategic approaches thanks to her support over hundreds of projects.

    Kim Jensen Designer, Entrepreneur, Educator, Yogi, and Mom
  • Tammy is currently helping me to establish a sound business plan for my newly founded company. She managed to get through 46 pages and give me a very structured and clear path on how to adjust and how to organize my plan so it can tell a story. And if you have ever taken apart a business plan, you know how much time it takes and how much ego is in need of releasing. Tammy helped me so graciously to do both and I am happy to share that I just onboarded my co-founder. I highly recommend her services. Thank you, Tammy. So much love💖 Susanne

    Susanne Puerschel Founder & CEO of R.I.S.E Media, Podcast Host, Former International Ballerina and Mother
  • I worked extensively with Tammy on developing holistic, omnichannel marketing campaigns and experiences at PwC. Under her mentorship, I learned to be both efficient and strategic in the way I approach my work and the way I communicate with my stakeholders. Not only did Tammy present me with creative challenges that pushed my professional development, but she also helped me identify opportunities to grow my personal brand.

    Susan Campbell Multimedia Designer
  • Tammy has by far exceeded my expectations in creating my business plan. The time and effort she put into it was structured, thorough, and lays out what steps I need to take. With her guidance, my vision for my business was clear and understanding. She is very knowledgeable and supports other women in business with her creativity and passion. Tammy is always available for any assistance or guidance you may need. I highly support and recommend working with her to help grow your business or ideas.

    Marianne Callea Owner of MAC Virtual Solutions

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