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I’m the Founder and CEO of Drost Enterprises LLC, and The Business360 Method, a trademarked business methodology designed to help female entrepreneurs burnt out by operational and administrative inefficiencies create strategic, streamlined, integrated business processes to scale their business successfully.

With 20+ years as a Business and Brand Strategist, Marketing Executive, Creative Director, and Head of Operations in agency, corporate, and non-profit environments, I recognized that regardless of industry and asset size, each organization faced similar challenges.

Through a 360° approach, I implemented award-winning solutions for large, complex corporations. I realized I could tailor and scale these solutions to small business.

In 2019, I founded The Business360 Method, a strategic and integrated way of doing business so you can get back to enjoying life.

I equip female entrepreneurs with the knowledge, strategies, tools, resources, and support to build a strategic business foundation and grow a sustainable and profitable business while living their best life.

The Business360 Method offers business and brand strategy and alignment, 1:1 coaching, a private Facebook community, a done-for-you business plan, strategic planning, and eight-week business, brand, marketing, and communications programs with group coaching.

I’m also available for speaking engagements and workshops.

Do you need a business methodology that lets you balance your personal and business life?

We have proven solutions.

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If you…

  • Feel like your business is running you versus you running your business.
  • Are exhausted, stressed out, and sleep-deprived with nothing left to give.
  • Struggle with balancing your personal life with business demands.
  • Don’t know how and when to delegate.
  • Feel like your life is all work and no play.
  • Work through vacations or forgo them altogether.
  • Work reactively versus strategically.
  • Keep running into challenges as you scale your business.
  • Get frustrated with redundant business processes.
  • Need to streamline business operations and implement more efficient processes and workflows.
  • Feel a disconnect between your business goals and brand strategy.
  • Struggle with integrating your brand, business, marketing, and communications.
  • See inconsistencies in your brand.
  • Are frustrated and know there must be a better way.

I can help! 

The Business360 Community

Join our FREE Facebook Group, The Business360 Community, to connect with like-minded female entrepreneurs and business leaders in a supportive community. Learn the strategies it takes to streamline and integrate your business to scale to 6-7 figures — access step-by-step online training, live meetings, ideas, tips, tools, and resources. Join us today and build an amazing network of resources and friends.